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J Hud Hangs On A Yacht, Ed Sheeran Loves A Good Jagerbomb + The Philly 4th Of July Jam Crew Parties Like Rockstars


The greatest Independence Day party is of course the Philly 4th Of July Jam. But when these artists aren’t putting on a fantastic show, they like to celebrate in their own way. And as you would imagine, they go hard. We had exclusive interviews with members of the line up as they told us what their July 4th celebrations typically entail (hint: red, white, blue and awesomeness).


From yachts to tailgates, beaches to bonfires, these artists show their patriotism in the most stylish of ways. We’ve got J Hud’s BBQ must-haves, ultimate pool party invite list and take on showing some summer skin (if you got it, flaunt it!) The Philly King Questlove gives us his best tailgating tips and tells us about starting Philly’s biggest 4th of July tradition, while Aloe Blacc reminisces on experience with (possibly) illegal fireworks. And it doesn’t matter where you’re from (Ed Sheeran) – we’re glad to have you join the USA part-ay!


Check out these exclusive interviews and don’t miss these guys in action along with Nicki Minaj, while funny man Marlon Wayans hosts the “largest free concert in America,” the Philly 4th Of July Jam TONIGHT at 8/7 C.

jhud1 Jennifer Hudson

VH1: So Miss J Hud, have you been to Philly before? 

JH: I’ve been to Philly before, but briefly, never anything—ya know, for something like this. I can’t wait to get there!

Maybe this weekend you’ll start a new tradition, Philly cheesesteaks perhaps?

Oh yes! I definitely have to try that! I don’t eat red meat, but there’s a chicken spot I go to and they BBQ it. They roast the chicken and it’s like chicken wings. For me, being a healthy eater, it’s hard to find that in restaurants. I don’t remember the name of it. I think in the market area. When I’m in Philly, I go to that one little spot, it’s super good.

If you weren’t performing, how would you be celebrating?

You know what, normally when I have to work on like the 4th of July, which I love—I want it to be my tradition, that’s part of why I’m so excited. I would fly our entire family out and then all my fans would be there. Any holiday we’re working, we make sure to celebrate it because we’re each other’s family away from home. Like when I did Boston Pops, we went on a yacht cruise and had our own private party on there. I’m tied between getting on the yacht or a bonfire. But we’re definitely gonna do something. What yet, I don’t know. We’re definitely celebrating.

Don’t think you could go wrong either way…

I’m leaning more towards the bonfire because we did the yacht thing the year before last.

If you do the bonfire, you could always BBQ. Any favorite or secret recipes you could tell us about?

As they’re giving us some chicken wings, I’m good! What else? I love turkey burgers and stuff like that. And I like to take apples with real food. Because it’s so good—the salt, the seasoning and then the sweetness and that way I’m not eating too much “wrong.” I love to have popcorn. We always order popcorn from What’s Poppin’.

A little birdy told us that you just had your first alcoholic drink on accident…

Yeah—on the stage. It was unfortunate because I’ve never had a drink in my life. I was on the stage performing and thinking it’s my water that they placed on the stage for me. Someone left their drink on the stage and I’m thinking it’s mine and I go to reach for it—not thinking—and what made me notice it was the sugar in it. I didn’t notice the liquor part yet. I was like, “Who would give me a drink with sugar in it and put in on my stage?”… “Oh my god what is this?!” I don’t even know what kind of alcoholic beverage it was. Luckily, it was watered down and I only took an inch of a sip. (Yuck noise)

We’re taking it you won’t be partaking in any [drinking] this 4th of July?

No! No one is allowed to leave their glasses on my stage anymore! No, that’s for sure.

Are you a beach or pool kind of gal?

This summer I have been into the water. I can’t believe it. I just put my first bikini on a couple weeks ago and I put it on my Instagram, so I got into the water when I was in Mexico. I’m still more comfortable with the pool because there are living things in the ocean. I’m a city girl, so not too into all of that.

No Jellyfish play for you.

Nah—I don’t want none of that.

You better be rocking that hard-earned Weight Watchers body in a bikini this summer.

Yeah, that was my goal for the summer. This summer I was like, “I’m gonna make it my goal to put on a swim suit or bikini or something like that.” I didn’t even know I had put on a bikini, I was like, “Oh! That’s what it is? Oh, I was wearing a bikini?” It was just a goal that I had for myself, but don’t get too used to it. I’m ‘gonna do this one time, I deserve that. I work hard for this body. I deserve it.

You can even rock the monokini.

I don’t even know what those things are! Yeah, I’ll give a little tummy here and there and switch it up and have fun with myself. I’m experimenting and enjoying the summer. Like, any shirt that I wear I cut it up and put it on the chopping board and cut it up and turn it into a crop top. Just have fun!

If you could pick five people—dead or alive—to be at your ultimate pool party this summer, who would it be?

There are so many people to pick from! I don’t even know where to start. Michael Jackson would have to be at it. I would like Prince, he could be at it. Whitney, if she wants to sing all day. And all of Destiny’s Child! The whole group because I’ve always loved them.

What do you think is going to be the song of the summer?

I’m hoping it’s my new joint, “It’s Your World.” I think it’s gonna take over. But there’s so many hot songs out this summer I don’t even know where to start. I’m gonna have to roll with “It’s Your World.” That’s what I will I say because that’s the song—we want to hit you with it. For the holidays—all the get-togethers, all the BBQs. All the parties. It’s the floor-filler. Me and R. Kelly, we did that joint together. I’m rooting for that one for sure.