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The Most Wild (And Blatant) Symbolic Penises In Pop

The world of pop performance can often be garish and ostentatious — would we really want it any other way? For this reason, pop is pivotal in breaking down sexual taboos, and recently, with a spate of Ultimate Queens spreading like honey across the charts, female sexuality has become a staple in music video and stage performances alike.

As pop becomes more daring and audiences more open minded, the penis metaphors are becoming crazier and crazier every time we see them. Maybe society is just getting desensitized and these pop sirens need to up the ante in order to get us to notice. From hot dogs to bananas, guitars and even live animals, our favorite girls are grinding up on all sorts of penis-emulating paraphernalia in their performances.

In homage to the humble penis metaphor, we’ve got everyone from Miley Cyrus to Cher and even Beyoncé grinding on that metaphorical wood.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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