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True Life: I’m Miley Cyrus’ Tongue


Being a part of Miley Cyrus‘ world sounds like a dream come true for most. But it’s not always cracked up to be when you become the center of attention just for being the singer’s most famous muscle: her tongue. VH1.com has the exclusive account of Miley’s tongue’s journey from obscurity to fame and the controversy that comes with it. It’s been one crazy summer for her tongue.

May 06: The Punk incident.


Months after the singer debuted her new look (the short platinum blonde hair and affinity for white clothing), it was discussed among Miley’s inner-camp to put her tongue front and center at the 2013 Costume Institute Gala. The theme was Punk: Chaos To Couture,” which seemed like the perfect setting for Miley’s tongue. However, moments before hitting the red carpet, Miley’s tongue was asked to let the singer’s hair and dress be the main focus. The tongue was left with a brief, mostly-overlooked appearance on the red carpet.

June 19: Miley’s tongue’s coming out party.


One month later, Miley made good on her promise to get her tongue the attention it deserved by showcasing it in her new video for “We Can’t Stop.” While Miley’s tongue got plenty of attention, it was the video’s insanity as well as the twerking that ultimately stole the show. Upset, her tongue had to figure out its next move.

July 15: The media blitz.


It was quickly decided that the tongue would lead the summer’s album promotion, making appearances at any and all publicity events. Good Morning America proved a good opportunity for Miley’s tongue to get more attention on national television. From then on, Miley’s tongue made sure it was seen on every red carpet, whether it was the Teen Choice Awards or the MTV VMAs or on television, such as Saturday Night Live and the Today show.

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Press Room

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