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Maria & Arnold! Liz & Eddie! 10 Scandalous Celeb Divorces

It’s the morning after Valentine’s Day — time to come down off of our snuggly love high and face the harsh realities of real-life relationships. Sometimes they end. But when it happens to high-profile celebrities, more often than not, there’s a hint of over-the-top drama that makes the whole thing incredibly entertaining (yes, we have no souls). Whether they’re royals, politicos, or Hollywood stars, celebs can’t do anything halfway — especially when they know the world’s watching. So even the sad, tragic dissolution of a relationship can be a stage for indulgent excess.

Take Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Their union was tacky enough — trucker hats on the beach, Cheetos at the gas station — but when you factor in rumors of drug use, infidelities, and BritBrit locking herself in bathrooms for days on end — the whole thing because downright gothic. Or what about Governer Schwarzenneger and his pristine Kennedy clan wife, Maria Shriver? Sure, affairs outside of marriage happen all the time. But it’s very seldom that an actual child is fathered — with the family’s housekeeper. The balls on that dude!

Here, we look back at ten of the most ludicrous, shocking divorces in celeb history. Grab your popcorn.

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