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Actors Who Quit Or Were Fired And Ultimately Replaced In 25 Major Films

Actors Replaced In Movies

It’s hard to imagine Catwoman played by anyone besides Michelle Pfeiffer or Harrison Ford not in the iconic role of Indiana Jones. But it almost happened on several occasions. Whether the actor was fired from set or just pulled out last minute due to the always convenient “scheduling conflicts” excuse, the person never made it to the big screen in these films.

1. Aliens

Original Star: James Remar
Replacement: Michael Biehn

Actors Replaced In Movies

James Remar left the film a week into filming when his creative differences with James Cameron couldn’t be resolved.

2. American Psycho

Original Star: Christian Bale
Replacement: Christian Bale

Actors Replaced In Movies

This one is a bit bizarre. Christian Bale was originally offered the role of Bateman but then the studio decided to go in a different direction. They hired Leonardo DiCaprio the role but he dropped out after the success of Titanic. The part was then offered to Ewan McGregor, but he turned it down after Bale asked him to. Finally the studio returned to Bale.

3. Apocalypse Now

Original Star: Harvey Keitel
Replacement: Martin Sheen

Actors Replaced In Movies

Even though Martin Sheen was originally offered the role of Willard, he turned it down due to scheduling conflicts and Harvey Keitel landed the part. But a week into shooting, Francis Ford Coppola replaced Keitel with Sheen.

4. Back To The Future

Original Star: Eric Stoltz
Replacement: Michael J. Fox

Actors Replaced In Movies

Four weeks into filming, director Robert Zemeckis determined that Stoltz has been miscast. Zemeckis and Spielberg decided to reshoot the film with Michael J. Fox once his schedule opened back up.

5. Batman

Original Star: Sean Young
Replacement: Kim Basinger

Actors Replaced In Movies

Sean Young broke her arm after falling from a horse during rehearsal. Tim Burton scrapped the scene and continued filming the movie with replacement Kim Basinger.