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The Top 10 Most Terrifying Bunnies In Pop Culture History

Top 10 Scariest Bunnies

It’s Easter time, which means people all across America are hitting the drug store to get their Paas on in time for Sunday. It’s also a time where kids all over the nation head to their local shopping mall to get in some quality time with the Easter bunny, a practice that seems to excite and terrify children in equal measure. In fact, we count ourselves among the frightened lot, as this is the time of year when giant, anthropomorphized rabbits tend to haunt our nightmares. It seems that other pop culture icons feel similarly about bunnies, creatures that seem “cute and fuzzy” (to quote One Crazy Summer) on the outside but we all know they harbor an evil, ravenous thirst for human blood on the inside (or so we fear). To wit, here is Best Week Ever’s countdown of the Top 10 Most Terrifying Bunnies In Pop Culture History.

10. The Cadbury Bunny

Now, we don’t mean to look a gift horse rabbit in the mouth. After all, who doesn’t love them some Cadbury eggs? Still, there’s something a little bit creepy about a bunny who not only clucks like a chicken, but also lays chocolate eggs with yolky, caramelish insides that come wrapped in a glitterly, colorful tin foil shell. AMIRITE?!?