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Keeping It Tight: Check Out Tahiry’s Best Gym Looks

Love and Hip Hop‘s Tahiry Jose may be known as one of the sexiest women on reality TV, but she’s not resting on her famous posterior, she works hard to stay hot. The health-conscious model and aspiring rapper realizes that the big butt celebrated today can easily turn into the wide load that little kids laugh at the grocery store tomorrow. To that end, Tahiry works super duper hard to keep it good and tight. Those of us who follow her on Instagram have watched her chronicle her fitness journey, week after week and salad after salad.

In this gallery, we take a look at some of Tahiry’s best looks at the gym and pass on her tips. Some of the more important ones to embrace:
1. Always remember that squats may feel like your frenemy, but they love your body more than you’ll ever know.
2. Find yourself a workout buddy and/or trainer who can keep you motivated. Or, at the very least, acts as eye candy.
3. Also, do plenty of death lifts, use as many free weights as possible, and never fear of going outside to really make yourself sweat.

And most of all, know that if you didn’t take a selfie at the gym, it didn’t really happen.

-Michael Arceneaux

[Photos: Instagram]

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