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VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Black Ink Crew Returns

Black Ink Crew

Season one of Black Ink Crew ended with many unanswered questions and when the series returned this week, we found all the answers we were looking for. O’S**t isn’t in jail, Puma shockingly left Black Ink, and Dutchess and Ceaser are still going strong…for now.

On Miami Monkey, Morgan stormed out of a photo shoot and quit working at the bar, while on Basketball Wives, Tasha’s weave bar opening wasn’t as great of a grand opening as the ladies had expected. From workplace drama to hair weave hysteria, VH1’s primetime line-up kept us in a fall frenzy all week long. But which show still has your head spinning? Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Black Ink Crew: Ceaser and Dutchess Get Matching Tattoos

Over the course of last season, we saw a romantic relationship develop between Ceaser and Dutchess (even if the rest of the shop was not too happy about it). As a symbol of their deepening relationship and love for one another, Ceaser and Dutchess decide to get matching tattoos. Carl Grace comes into the shop and tattoos king and queen chess pieces on their hands. Although the ink on their skin is permanent, will Ceaser and Dutchess’ relationship last as long? This scene really sets the stage of what is to come and we cannot wait to see how this storyline unfolds throughout the season.