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Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo On Why “These Girls” Can’t Stop Talking About Her

Mob Wives Reunion Carla Interview

Two weeks have passed since the dramatic Mob Wives season finale, and we’re still nowhere closer to figuring out what went down at Drita’s ’80s-themed birthday party. Love and Carla were involved, yes, and a its seems a public outburst was a somewhat inveitable conclusion to a season filled with dramatic messages and violent threats sent back and forth through Drita the Messenger.

Love and her angel wings aside, Carla found herself at the forefront of plenty of additional drama this year, whether it involved Renee and a butter knife or her husband Joe and divorce papers. It can’t be easy to stay calm in these highly emotional situations, but Carla has continued to maintain an unflappable cool throughout it all–give or take one or two declarations of “douche bag.” VH1 spoke with Carla on reunion day to find out how she feels about having her name be on the tip of everyone else’s tongue, and what the show would be like without her.

VH1: Is there anything you are not looking forward to talking about or revisiting at the reunion?
Carla: It’s not that I don’t want to talk about anything, but I choose really not to speak too much about certain people. I’d just rather have no comment. Who cares about them? Because I really don’t care about them.

That seemed to be your stance all season.
Right, because they keep dragging out my name, “Carla did this, Carla did that.” It’s nonsense. It’s a joke.

How do you feel about Season Three compared to the previous seasons?
Well, this season I’m the main attraction. It’s all about Carla, Carla, Carla. Carla did this, Carla said that–damn, if I wasn’t on this show there would be no action! I tell you it would be boring as hell because they’re all loving each other and kissing and hugging.

Now that it’s the third time around, do you enjoy reunions?